Qt: find the sender (aka: invoking signal) for a slot

Written by  on August 27, 2017

Sometimes several signals lead to one single slot. Without any parameter. So you are stuck and can’t find out who was the ‘caller’.
But wait, there is a nasty hack to find it for those which are direct connections.

The moment you login the first time remotely via app to your Redmine <3

Written by  on August 7, 2017

aka: Accessing Redmine outside your local network via Android-app.

I set up port-forwarding via the router. Dynamic name is set via the Synology NAS.
So the url to use is: http://metrik.myds.me:5002/redmine

And after testing 5 (in words: FIVE!) apps with really mixed results, I choose:
Redmine Mobile app made Easy

Redmine on Raspberry Pi 3

Written by  on August 6, 2017

There was the need to write down in a structured way all the ongoing (private) projects. Keeping track, assign them to the members of my family, etc ..
From former working experience I knew OTRS, Redmine and JIRA. All with their respective benefits and drawbacks. (tl;dr .. I prefer Redmine.)

Hardware: RPi3; 32 GByte SD-card; keyboard; mouse, 1920×1080-monitor; power-cable
Software: running Raspbian; then follow this tutorial

Since this does NOT yield success, add those steps:

Et voila: working version. Go on, create accounts, roles, projects and tickets 🙂

Enforce HDMI with 1920×1080 on Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspbian

Written by  on August 6, 2017

Ok, we have a brand new RPi, an SD-card with the latest Raspbian, some brand new monitor with HDMI-input only.
Everything is set up, the power plugged in, one LED shines, another one, then “no signal” on the monitor.
0. SSH-access not possible due to the fact that because of those botnet-takeovers of RPi in the past the default access was disabled for fresh images.
1. Wifi with VNC also impossible, because how to set the Wifi-credentials if you can’t see something?
2. VGA not possible due to hardware-limitations.
Great 🙂 I love when soft-/hardware does not work out of the box :’)

After a while of tinkering I remembered that I had to enforce the HDMI-ouput on the first RPi (the one for the catcam).
Can be set inside /boot/config.txt (leafpad is the current default editor on Raspbian).

Automate the boring stuff ..

Written by  on August 3, 2017

.. with Python: that’s the title of an interesting book.
But I used (again) AutoIt to automate the task to enter every day my working hours via the company’s choice “SAP-portal”. Which is slow. Really, really slow. Delays of 6 seconds for requesting a certain tab via browser are not uncommon.
Code is available via: https://github.com/marcelpetrick/SAP_AutoIt

The most interesting part for me was to play around with the “image search”-capability of AuoIt. Looks like someone added this feature from AuotHotkey as custom DLL. You can let your script check a certain screen-area for a specific bitmap and if found, then move the cursor there. It helps to make the scripts more “smart” and independent from fixed screen-coordinates. I have some other uses in mind, but time will show 😉
I know that the current state of the code is quite ‘spaghetti’, but … first a solution, then refine. Also the way how to define the input-data has to be improved.