## smol list to remind me of things which i wanted to tackle* ##

esp32 schema: and simple multitasking

algorithms from computer games explained:

check this for a nice project list: – helpful cheatsheets for several tools—destructors—really-useful/

* OpenCV for face and age detection; also for the parallelization:

Parallel Pixel Access in OpenCV using forEach

Gender & Age Classification using OpenCV Deep Learning ( C++/Python )

* AppVeyor/Trevis for AutoBuilds with Github – just to check if it still compiles
* read: (and all the page)
* Design-patterns refresh (in use, but there are much more ..)
* MVVM-Controller
* !!!

* ESP flashen:

* “embedded”-hints of all kinds:

Nice to read:
As said: I am already trying to figure out where my major skills shall progress to.