part II: Remove multiple whitespace-lines from a file

Written by  on May 7, 2015

I was so annoyed that the simple idea with sed did not worked like I wanted, that I wrote a short full-fledged Qt-appp for it. Code follows. Just compile the main.cpp. Usage is also explained in the header of the file.
I know it’s like to break a butterfly on a wheel, but I need this functionality since I don’t want to do such a boring task like code-styling by myself ..

Update: first version had a small glitch! Found after applying it to some bigger files.

Replace the Sansa Clip (Clip+ or Clip Zip) firmware to make it scrobbleable

Written by  on May 3, 2015

Work of 5 min (?)
Maybe even less if you know how to handle a mouse, the keyboard and a browser … 😉

First step is to exchange the firmware with Rockbox. A very good OSS mp3-player software for several different device kinds which enhances the hardware. You can even play Doom on your player!

  • set the device to MSC-mode (MTP or Auto does not work)
  • get the firmware for you device: Firmware thread at the Sansa-forums
  • get and run the rockbox-installer
  • select device and mount-point; pick the firmware-binary; select your options (bootloader and firmware yes; no games, no themes, no fonts …): “finish”, doneScreen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.09.09

The second step is to enable scrobbling:

  • got to your players settings (after restarting it and select “Settings > Playback Settings > log” with “enable”)

Play some tunes and afterwards connect you device to the PC and run QTScrobbler (note: Qt not QT! We are not in a hurry ;))