Enable Profiling on Windows even with Meltdown-patches

Written by  on September 25, 2018

Helped with Visual Studio 2015. Should also work for 2013 and 2017.

Cppdepend: measure defects (code smells), cyclomatic complexity …

Written by  on September 21, 2018

As every one knows: I am a fan of objective measurements in the quality and quantity of code. Another nice statistics-generator for such a task is: cppdepend (trial is free for the first month).

It can detect some mistakes and deviations from common coding guidelines (like MISRA) and supports your judgment with some figures.
Cullendula for instance has the estimated development effort of 13 days (right now, v0.4.1) and a technical debt-rating of A. Which is great! 🙂

Qt5: connect: How to use ‘connect’ in case the slot has less parameters than the signal

Written by  on September 18, 2018

Task is to connect from one signal with one parameter to a slot with zero parameters. With the “old” Qt4-way of connect it works like this

But what if I want to use the type-safe Qt5-connects?

The documentation just mentions the cases with:
* connect to default parameters in slot
* and (for example) using the above-mentioned way of the string-based connect.

My idea was to use a lambda to fix this:

But it turned out in in this thread that

is possible! 🙂

new section: page for “TIL – today I learned”

Written by  on September 18, 2018

TIL or real post? Questions over questions.
Sometimes some newly acquired enlightenment is too “small” or my new knowledge is just the start for the future journey. Or just some news.
Then I think that a full fledged post is a bit “breaking a butterfly on a wheel”. Therefore I introduced the page: TIL – today I learned.


Linux Mint 17.3: upgrade CMake

Written by  on September 3, 2018

Ok, cmake 2.8 was installed – I need 3.0. At least. For C++11 features.
The good old Ubuntu-forum helped. This is the condensed version:

Patterns, idioms, whatchamacallit?

Written by  on September 3, 2018

Had first an interesting discussion if you can call the “patterns” we use patterns. Or if there are no “patterns” in software-development, just “idioms”. Of course, quite academical question.
But it reminded me to remove the dust & spider-webs from my own knowledge and refresh it a bit. What’s better than doing it with some C++17 – support?

The other book was just referenced in some software architecture-book. Interesting collection of anecdotes. I can confirm half of the given examples as “seen in real life and projects” ..