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current workplace IV

Written by  on September 26, 2020

* development with C++ 17; Qt 5.12; CMake 3.16; Gradle as build-configurator and extool-packages for external dependencies
* product built for Win (10) and macOS (10.15); one graphical UI and two SDK (C and C#)
* TeamCity for CI; Gerrit (code-review); JIRA, Confluence, Rainbow & Outlook (communication)
* team-size fluctuates: 5 to 11 developers, PO, PM, ScrumMaster, 3 testers
* external stakeholders inside the company; medium company size; global distribution

* development happens in sprints of 4 weeks; DoR (Definition of ready) and DoD (Definition of done) are enforced for tickets; root-cause-analysis is done for bugs; capacity is evaluted before each sprint
* releases are created roundabout four times per year
* additionally to my role as SW-engineer I did the job of the “release responsible” in the last year (documentation preparation, test-management, release-creation, RC-handling)