Mixing SVN and Git

Written by  on October 23, 2016

When you join a new team, you don’t enforce your view of best tools of trade – instead you adapt to the new environment. Even if that means that you have to switch from your favorite CVS (Git) to something you used last time in 2008 (Subversion) …
I am aware, that the Git-client is fully backward-compatible to SVN and also able to do the most common tasks. But for me it was the branching model, the stashes and also the GUI from SmartGit, which lead me to the idea: why not mix both version-controls in one directory?


  1. clone the repository via SVN (TortoiseSVN)
  2. run $ git init
  3. add the following stuff to your .gitignore:
  4. add the following exclusions to your TortoiseSVN > Settings > General > Subversion > Global ignore-pattern:
  5. stash, branch, stage as much as you want – use TortoiseSVN for the final commit, which should be published to the team

I use this set-up now for some weeks and it works. Saved me lots of hassles. Because I have not figured out (yet?) how to create local “mile-stones” as safety-backup with SVN.