Speed up the Lotus Notes-start

Written by  on September 25, 2017

Given the following (annoying) behavior: when you start Lotus Notes 8.5, you ALWAYS have to enter the password. There is no way around this. Research and discussion with colleagues showed that no one knows a way.

Idea: automate this!
(In detail what needs to be done: start Lotus Notes with the current parameters; wait until the logon-window appears; enter the password; press manually the Enter-Button in the input-mask, because just sending the Enter-key creates another issue).

So, I used the AutoIt-recorder (just in earlier versions available, so refer to this stack overflow-post how to download), recorded my user-actions (instead of specifying it myself command-by-command); compiled it to a x86-exe, and pinned a link to the Windows taskbar (as replacement for the Lotus Notes-starter).

Done 🙂

Automate the boring stuff ..

Written by  on August 3, 2017

.. with Python: that’s the title of an interesting book.
But I used (again) AutoIt to automate the task to enter every day my working hours via the company’s choice “SAP-portal”. Which is slow. Really, really slow. Delays of 6 seconds for requesting a certain tab via browser are not uncommon.
Code is available via:

The most interesting part for me was to play around with the “image search”-capability of AuoIt. Looks like someone added this feature from AuotHotkey as custom DLL. You can let your script check a certain screen-area for a specific bitmap and if found, then move the cursor there. It helps to make the scripts more “smart” and independent from fixed screen-coordinates. I have some other uses in mind, but time will show 😉
I know that the current state of the code is quite ‘spaghetti’, but … first a solution, then refine. Also the way how to define the input-data has to be improved.

CoTli: improved bot-version

Written by  on July 18, 2016

edit 20160724: released version 0.4 of the bot. Clicks, collects and upgrades now the main-character (and every once in a while all other cursaders) – automatically! 🙂
Latest release as always on github.
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Crusaders of the lost idols

Written by  on May 18, 2016

edit 20160718: Improved the bot & made it available on github. Check this: more info.

Q: so what do you do in your leisure time?
A: i play games
Q: wtf man, you are a grown up!
A: actually it is just an free-to-play idle-game
Q: this is even worse. you find satisfaction in collecting money and distributing upgrades and waiting for them to arrive in dribs and drabs?
A: actually i wrote a clicker-bot to gain 1 million-clicks-achivement xD

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Left-click multiplier (or: ‘avoid carpal tunnel syndrome’)

Written by  on January 13, 2015

A small helper-script to prevent fatigue. The task itself could not be automated, but the amount of emitted clicks could be.
So here is a small AutoIt to trigger the needed clicks at the current mouse-position.
Some “exit the script”-sugar could be added, but I did not do.