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Written by  on August 3, 2017 

.. with Python: that’s the title of an interesting book.
But I used (again) AutoIt to automate the task to enter every day my working hours via the company’s choice “SAP-portal”. Which is slow. Really, really slow. Delays of 6 seconds for requesting a certain tab via browser are not uncommon.
Code is available via:

The most interesting part for me was to play around with the “image search”-capability of AuoIt. Looks like someone added this feature from AuotHotkey as custom DLL. You can let your script check a certain screen-area for a specific bitmap and if found, then move the cursor there. It helps to make the scripts more “smart” and independent from fixed screen-coordinates. I have some other uses in mind, but time will show 😉
I know that the current state of the code is quite ‘spaghetti’, but … first a solution, then refine. Also the way how to define the input-data has to be improved.

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