Today I handed in my first #ProductProposal 🥳

Written by  on August 29, 2022

And it was quite fun to write it.
Since pitching products is not my day-to-day business I spent some time to research how to write such a proposal. My first search results were aimed at “elevator pitches” or “startup pitches”. So I had to dig deeper ..

Anyway: due to confidentiality I can’t show-case anything here. I can only share this: I drew some #mockups with, put in the technical features and spent the majority of the time on writing a teaser. Something which will catch the audience immediately and makes them think: wow, we really have to sponsor this project!

Oh, why do I say “we”? #datamodul opened an innovation contest to source the ideas of their employees. Quite a clever idea. And a team can achieve so much more than a collection of individuals.

So .. even if that proposal is a dud, I learned some things, especially about writing a proper introduction. My first iteration was quite technical 😅

# Lessons learned:
* How to do a proper pitch, reduce technical details, appeal to a #vision, create a pitch deck with slides
* But also: go fast, break things. Too much time was spent on refinement and polishing. I had set myself an arbitrary date six weeks ago and in retrospective I had already 80% of the material at that time. I’ll be better next time: #time-boxing upfront.

Coursera: project management

Written by  on August 9, 2022

I’ve finished the “Foundations of Project Management” on the weekend. This is the first milestone out of six for the “Google Project Management: Professional Certificate”.

This was my first Coursera-online learning-experience and I liked it. A quite refreshing mix out of videos, quizzes and reading which kept me on track. Even finished some days earlier than anticipated by the regular four week-schedule 😅

I’ll definitely continue because my day-to-day business requires a lot of management .. and even with some hands-on experience, there is always the opportunity to improve.

The best weather app so far ;)

Written by  on August 5, 2022

People love forecasts. And almost everyone I know has one or two apps on their device to check it.
But nothing beats
while :; do clear; curl; date; sleep 60; done