Covid-19, PanOffice and how my education-plan imploded

Written by  on May 14, 2020

A note before the actual post: a week ago, while proofreading I’ve noticed that some of the following statements, which are meant truly neutral, could and would leave a stale aftertaste. That’s definitely not the intention; it’s more a snapshot of the current state (like for a chronicle). On the other hand: if I would censor it more, I can trash as well the whole post. Because ten thousands of texts were already written about the curent state of human society and the impact of Covid-19.
So, read it with a pinch of salt: we are lucky to be healthy and that we don’t suffer from more harsh conditions.


More than two months ago Sars-CoV-2 -induced infections scaled up in Germany and hit us without much preparation. Us includes me, my family, my workplace, society at all.
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block ads on music videos on youtube

Written by  on December 9, 2019

Task: youtube has annyoing ads at certain music-videos, which are set as playback-version for I like to stream some music while programming, but I hate getting conditioned by advertisments.

Situation: Firefox 71.0, 64 bit, Win10

Solution: install “AdBlocker for YouTube™von AdblockLite” and configure it like this: