Bye bye Stagefright 2.0 (and other issues)

Written by  on October 22, 2015

Since the discovery of the big vulnerability called Stagefright (summer 2015) some additional were disclosed. Time for an update of the already cyanogenmodded Galaxy S4.
Found a good description of what the names for the different gapps-packages mean: page (includes downloads). I choose pico!

  1. 5 min real work: get the ROMs, put them to the SD-card, boot into TWRP; select the nightly, then add also gapps-pico, wipe DALVIK, reboot
  2. 20 min waiting: after flashing for first boot-up (self-configuration) .. works like a charm

QtScrobbler (final cut)

Written by  on October 22, 2015

Just to close the topic: I finished what I planned for the forked QtScrobbler-project. I changed the workflow, so that if you did not provide correct credentials for your favourite submission-site (, ..), then the progress-dialog will be closed and you will see immediately the error in the ui (not just log). Because before the user could wait until the cows come home – and I found this really annoying, especially when I set up QtScrobbler on a new system, mistyped or forgot to set the credentials at all.
Besides: also cleaned the code a little bit with the help of cppcheck 😉

The repository:

All in all it was a nice experience: set up GitHub, clone the repository, work into a medium large project, try to fix an error without breaking the remaining functionality ..
I do not fully agree to the original code of conduct for style and includes. But as long as it is comprehensive ..

cppcheck pt. II

Written by  on October 4, 2015

It’s quite funny if you want to use the current version of your favorite static code analysis-tool, then realize that no OS-binary is availabe, then think “why not create it yourself like you did it with older versions?” (qmake && make ..), then realize your current clang-version does not support the missing c++11-features (cbegin/cend), then you realize you are not allowed upgrade your local compiler ..

To put it in a nutshell:

Yes, this leaves you without the gui, but still better than nothing.

side note: I also found the cppcheck-plugin for QtCreator-project on sourceforge (new since august 2015?), but since the contributor provides just Win and Linux binaries, but neither source nor OSX-binaries, I have to wait. But looks promising.

edit 20151005:
Only fifteen hours after my request the russian mastermind behind the project built an OSX-dylib for the cppcheck-plugin and offered it to me for testing. After update from QtCreator 3.42 to 3.5, copying the plugin, activating it and setting the path to the homebrew-1.70-cppcheck, everything works! No more switching between the cppcheck-output and QtCreator, just fix the issues! *feels good*


edit 20151006:
Now it is officially available. Enjoy!

My first (?) offical fork?

Written by  on October 2, 2015

I want to fix several smaller, but annoying issues with QtScrobbler. Originally hosted on sourceforge, but development was discontinued in 2013. I mean: it worked. I used it for years with my upgraded SANSA clips.
So I forked the project to github, upgraded the whole project to the current Qt-version (5.5) and fixed immediately some ‘klein-klein’. But now I am too tired …