create win7-usb-drive under Linux

Written by  on December 19, 2016

Ok, first I squashed the only computer with a cd-burner. Installed Linux Mint 18.1. Everything perfect, went on to install VirtualBox and then Win7 as guest. Ran some checks while waiting. Noticed that in 2016 NO VIRTUALISATION solution SUPPORTS IEEE1394!
Ok, then just install Win7 again. Noticed I can’t find my burned install-DVD, had just an ISO.

# format usb-drive as NTFS
# download Unetbootbin as special version: allows to select NTFS- and other partitions
# select ISO, hook “show partitions”, select /dev/sdb or whatever it is
# plug out, plug in, start, select boot device, install … wait over 9000! hours.