Speed up the Lotus Notes-start

Written by  on September 25, 2017

Given the following (annoying) behavior: when you start Lotus Notes 8.5, you ALWAYS have to enter the password. There is no way around this. Research and discussion with colleagues showed that no one knows a way.

Idea: automate this!
(In detail what needs to be done: start Lotus Notes with the current parameters; wait until the logon-window appears; enter the password; press manually the Enter-Button in the input-mask, because just sending the Enter-key creates another issue).

So, I used the AutoIt-recorder (just in earlier versions available, so refer to this stack overflow-post how to download), recorded my user-actions (instead of specifying it myself command-by-command); compiled it to a x86-exe, and pinned a link to the Windows taskbar (as replacement for the Lotus Notes-starter).

Done 🙂

Win: check for which mode the executeable was built

Written by  on September 24, 2017

Ok, in the past I used some more sophisticated tools to check the signature of the executables for Windows, but ..
Fire up notepad.exe; load the exe which shall be checked; search for “PE”.
If the visible characters depict a d(agger) and cross (“d†”), then x64 (more correct: x86_64).
Else if a big L (“L”), then x86.