CoTli: improved bot-version

Written by  on July 18, 2016

edit 20160724: released version 0.4 of the bot. Clicks, collects and upgrades now the main-character (and every once in a while all other cursaders) – automatically! 🙂
Latest release as always on github.
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Written by  on July 13, 2016

One of my heroes (Linus Torvalds) published some days ago some rant about the “correct” style of comments.
Honestly, I agree 100%! And from my POV his version c is my preferred one: for single lines and blocks of comments.

// This can be a single line. Or many. Your choice.

Had some severe discussions about this topic in past dev-teams while negotiation some “best practices/style-guide”.

* you can quickly comment/uncomment sections of code without worrying where the “begin” and where the “end” is
* if you used /* .. */ then “uncommenting” could result in commenting something else, because of nested comment-parts
* only drawback: comments last until the end of the line

pro tip of the day: disable the suspend-keyboard-button

Written by  on July 4, 2016

Seriously, I have no idea why something like this has a reason to exist on a keyboard. Also those buttons for opening the browser and calculator and whatever.
Problem: I share the flat with two cats. Cats are cats. Cats don’t care where they step or lie.
Solution for Linx Mint 17.3 MATE:

  1. $ sudo apt-get install dconf-editor
  2. find “button-suspend” (hierarchy: org > settings-daemon > power)
  3. set it to “nothing”; done!

Résumé: GIF-creation

Written by  on July 2, 2016

Creating a GIF is not hard, actually it’s a one-liner.
But if you have a shaky video as source with slight over-exposure and to regard a size-limit for the final result, then the challenge rises.
Article deals with deshaking, greyscaling, cropping, size-reduction and a palette-optimized GIF-output without the infamous dithering.
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