Résumé: GIF-creation

Written by  on July 2, 2016

Creating a GIF is not hard, actually it’s a one-liner.
But if you have a shaky video as source with slight over-exposure and to regard a size-limit for the final result, then the challenge rises.
Article deals with deshaking, greyscaling, cropping, size-reduction and a palette-optimized GIF-output without the infamous dithering.
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Procrasticoding: annotate animated GIFs (or even add a picture/watermark)

Written by  on April 20, 2016

The sun rose, the cats were watching the birds on the windowsill and at first I just wanted to take a cute picture of them sitting soo close, but then I had another inspiration ..

0. Prepared the logo from some internetsearch; stripped of colors, converted to 3-color-GIF with transparency: all done by GIMP and some magic.
1. converted the video to GIF with greyscaling and resizing
2. merged the two pictures while optimizing the layers and applying some contrast

BTW: sometimes empty phrase-error messages spark my fury … “convert.im6: non-conforming drawing primitive definition `image’ @ error/draw.c/DrawImage/3158.
” … and what does this tell me now?!?
But at least I am not the first one who understood nothing! Thank you.


Video to *good* GIF

Written by  on April 7, 2016

You can use a crappy app or some webservice … or DIY!

read: start at second 4 with length 3, use high quality-conversion, downscale (because scaling with ‘convert’ will result in artifacts because of the color-indexing), out-filename

If some rotation is needed (-vf “transpose=2” is also an option, but the quality suffered), add it afterwards via convert.