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Written by  on April 19, 2018 

Tools in use for daily development-tasks:
* development with C++11 & Qt 5.5 & boost 1.5.9
* Visual Studio 2015 and 2013 with Incredibuild and the power of ~100 PC as slaves
* QtCreator 4.6 for QML/Widgets/smaller projects
* MPC as buildsystem (converts to vcxproj/sln-files for VS)
* SVN (Tortoise SVN 1.9) for version-control company-wide
* Git (SmartGit 18.1) for our team-sources and better branching-control
* AutoIt-skripts for automation-tasks

* Agile/Scrum-like project-management (sprints; standups)
* daily stand-ups for the core-dev-team
* two weekly stand-ups for the full team
* Jira for tickets
* Crucible+FishEye for code-reviews

* MagicDraw/DOORS for modelling/test-cases
* pgAdmin for SQL-related things
* RapidEnvironmentEditor to edit conveniently environment variables
* cygwin/GNUwin32-tools as POSIX-bash-replacement
* Jenkins for the continuous build
* Notepad++ as helpful XML-editor

* medium-sized company; team-size 10-15

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