You live and learn: study plans for 2018 (so far)

Written by  on April 9, 2018 

I have missed the chance to summarize the educational path I’ve taken in 2017 at the beginning of the new year. Just as little as I published my current plans. And I think this is quite unclever.
Make plans, publish them (to those who should know and be involved), then do them. This helps to gather support and maybe find a study buddy!

  • April, 14th: start of the evening classes as preparation for English CAE-level (C1)
  • April 21th: Seminar about the foundations of Quality Management in Engineering
  • April, 22nd to 24th: IREB Requirements Engineering Foundation Level + exam for the certificate
  • May, 12th: exam for the CAE-certificate (written part; oral is 6th May)
  • May, 14th to 16th: paid educational leave for a seminar about “Python for users with a bit more experience”

Currently life is quite challenging while working full time. Being proud member of a young family and doing some physical exercises and ‘programming for fun and benefit’ (TM) to do some certificate-based education requires some effort. But I will do it and I want to do it!


edit 20180426: IREB RE-seminar is postponed to 11.-13. June due to the fact that the first vendor could not abide to his part of the contract. But in the end only the gained knowledge will matter and not the date ..

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