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Written by  on October 22, 2017 

Ok, I am in the situation that I have a university-degree in computer science, gained some years of experience as professional software-designer for desktop applications, speak English fluently (because of daily conversation with my wife) and also dug into several different aspects of IT (raspberry, system configuration, build systems and deployment, software architecture, Android, ..) out of pure interest.
BUT: I can’t prove that. Ok, the degree – yes. But else?*

Therefore I attended this year already several seminars dealing with project management, Lasten-/Pflichtenheft, work ethics, 3d printing, ..
In November a full-week seminar will introduce me to Python.
In December I will do the Cambridge B2-level-certificate (officially called: First Certificate in English), for what I attend courses after work.
And 2018 will offer even more opportunities …
So stay tuned. I will improve!

Hopefully also with writing enthusiastically articles which don’t sound so bad when proofread 😉

*: ok, yes, some mini-projects on github prove that software is part of my daily life. Even after closing hours, but still

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