proCreator: another helper for legacy Qt-projects

Written by  on October 21, 2017 

Ok, today at work I ran into the problem that for a Qt-project we have the code, the binaries and an awkward buildsystem (mpc). But I don’t want to process first the mpc and then fire up Visual Studio and wait for hours until the whole solution has been build. I want to use QtCreator! <3 So, there was never a real pro-file. The project consists of about ten classes, some forms and one ressource-file. Not much, possible to tinker it manually into a self-generated pro-file. Which can be processed then by QtCreator or qmake. (Hint "ls -X" is helpful for sorting by filetype.) But: why not delegate this to a small tool? First I thought about bash, then ... "maybe something better, like Python" ... and then ... why not Qt itself? So, please have a look at, which is half-way done. Outputting works. Just input-grabbing has to be implemented. Should be ready by sunday 🙂

Will keep you updated.

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