shell-script to clean a project

Written by  on June 14, 2017 

I like to decorate the code with some debugging-messages, explicit variables, etc. while developing a feature or fixing a bug. Problem is that other team-members will not like that (or the amount ;)).
So, I commit the current state with Git and then remove all lines marked with the comment “// todoM”. Since this some non-creative work, why not automate it?

Code for the bash-script now on github: 🙂

Further improvements like massive parallelization planned!

edith 20170619:
The fourth version relies now on some exported bash-function, so that GNU parallel can be used to speed up the process by parallelizing the search&replace inside the file- (-list given by find).
This helps, just I/O is now the bottleneck. CPU-speed not.
But I’ve always wanted to experiment with “parallel” and see how to use this. I should improve the “contactSheet”-script as well. Or the cat-cam-script .. endless opportunities ..

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