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Written by  on May 2, 2016 

quote: If you can’t quantify it, you’re just making it up with your mind”
– quote from someone I can’t currently determine

The subscription for that page expired. As you can check, it’s hosted by bplaced. Why? Because I used that provider for years for some other minor pages and blogs and I experienced never anything bad and their support was also really fast & helpful. Manus manum lavat.
So I wanted to know if there will be an experienceable difference in speed of delivery for the page. It’s dynamic content, so not just the size of the text+pictures matter. I picked randomly three webpage-speed-check-pages from the search results (does not matter which – in two weeks others will own the first ranks, no one cares) and did three runs each. The first was while all three check-pages ran simultaneously, then the following two runs with each separated.

without subscription:

site0 site1 site2
7.2s 11.0s 10.6s
22.4s 7.0s 6.9s
6.9s 7.1s 7.0s

after renewal:

site0 site1 site2
6.9s 13.0s 12.0s
7.4s 7.0s 12.0s
7.1s 7.0s 7.0s

conclusion: save the time for a statistical analysis with median, mean, deviation … because looks like it does not matter 😉 Maybe a bigger number of runs would yield more stable, accurate results with a predictable outlook, but not those 18 runs.

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