What to do with spare 2 TB-drives?

Written by  on May 7, 2016 

Let’s prevent that this blog turns into pure rants and finalize some articles which were (almost) finished for weeks.
I had a spare 2 TiByte 3.5″-SATA-drive from the NAS (replaced with 4 TiByte each), but did not want to use it in my PC. Why? An SSD with 128 GiByte is enough. I don’t want to replicate the archive.org ..
So I decided to make an Apple-fanboi happy: external drive for TimeMachine (tm!) XD

Steps: buy an external case, install the stuff, format with HFS+ and gift it.

0. got the case with external power-chord for 15 €; maybe there are some cheaper, but I wanted to have one made out of aluminium.
1. install the drive: quite easy; just unscrew one retainer; snap the drive; fix it with four rubber-plugs; screw it again
2. plug it into a marvellous Linux-PC
3. immediately recognized; gnome-disks offered even some RAID1-replication (not wanted ;D)
4. pre-format a partition as HFS+ for immediate usage under OSX: not working, despite being offered. Turns out “sudo apt-get install hfsprogs gparted” Gparted with hfs-support was needed. Run gparted, wait secons, done.
5. visit customer, plug-in, and it’s working and TimeMachine ™ offers to use it *happiness*

Sorry. A full blog-entry is maybe exaggeration, but seeing at least once a plan turn without any issues into “solution” is priceless.


20 minutes later (or maybe just 15, because doing the HW-stuff took precious few minutes and formatting just 5):

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