360° panorama: quick and easy

Written by  on December 14, 2015 

The ‘magic’ behind 360° panoramas is nothing new. I remember stitching together manually the pictures from the Canon Ixus 800, later switching to AutoStitch and other solutions. But after I used Google Kamera as replacement for the pre-installed camera-app on the smartphone and also acquired a cheap 10€-cardboard I had a jaw-dropping moment of enlightment: wow! This is amazing. And to whomever I showed this (techies, friends, parents, ..) they were also impressed. A freely explorable panorama with head-mounted gear is soo much much descriptive of the scene than the regular 2D-photos. Yes, I still stick to analogue photography, but If you want to show somehow how the sights looked and how the surrrounding environment looked like, then stick to a panorama. Creating them is quite is, but this is a different story.

Too cut it short: I was always looking for a way to present those views also to people far away. Which don’t have a smartphone. Jeremy Heleine created with his Photo Sphere Viewer a truly amazing in browser-javascript-library. I just added some of my own examples (in a pretty bad boilerplate-way *cough*). But this is still great! I love it.

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