Get an overview which SilverFast8-version was used to process your photos

Written by  on March 26, 2015 

It is very interesting to see which SilverFast8-version was used for scanning and processing the photos you have digitalized.
The following crude bash-chain-command relies on the GNU-tools, exiftool and some intermedite files. It is not sophisticated or using any syntactic sugar: it just works*.

(* means: has a lot of improvement-potential)


  • checks for exiftool first: if not available (missed the installation?), then abort
  • checks all original SF8-output-types: tif, jpg, jp2 and dng
  • searchs stupidly for the “Software”-tag; if other software touched the files that can be missing
  • collects the data into files “versions.txt” and “uniqed.txt” which are not deleted after the run!

example output:

ps. Just noticed that SF6-files are also checked correctly.

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