CHDK or “upgrade your old digital camera with new features”

Written by  on March 11, 2015 

Canon Hack Development Kit is an alternative firmware for a lot of Canon cameras licensed under the GPL.
I decided to upgrade my fairly outdated 6 MegaPixel “Canon Ixus800” because the new “live view histogram”-feature sounded quite promising. Also: why not testing: loading and running scripts; like for motion detection(!); RAW-output; ..?

Installation was quite simple:

  • format the SD-card via the camera’s menu (of course: backup your old pictures/videos 😉
  • download; extract and copy the needed files to the root of the card via PC: URL
  • restart Ixus800, go to “Play”-mode; press “up” then “upgrade firmware” and confirm
  • done … wow … another great project. Kudos to all contributors!

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