CodeCombat: learning Python the cute way

Written by  on June 23, 2015 

I am currently trying to enhance my skills by learning Python. I made a choice between Ruby and Python after I was quite frustrated sometimes while writing the contactSheet-script. Bash is missing some general debug-abilities (or I don’t know them ;)) and the way to control the code-/data-flow was quite limited from my POV. I came from high level-strong typed-precomiled C++ and then hit bash ..

CodeCombat is a browser-only, completely OpenSource “game” where you lead your protagonist through its adventures by using code-snippets. One after another simple and more complicated statements are introduced, control structures like loops and alternatives follow. You can chose between different languages – besides Python also JavaScript is available.
It is quite amusing to guide the hero(ine). I finished already 22 levels.


For in detailed explainations I stick to: “Learn Python the hard way

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