OSX: How to get imageMagick (working with fonts)?

Written by  on June 15, 2015 

Hmm, OSX offers out of the box a lot of UI-programs, but is missing most of the *NIX-fun. So if you need imageMagick for your work, you are missing it. The prepared installers are missing the support for the font-manipulation.
Of course, you can download and build all packages by yourself from scratch … or you use one of the nice packet-managers like fink, macports or homebrew.

The fastest way to get a usable OSX (tried with 10.10 and 10.8) for the contactSheet-script is by executing those simple four commands in your terminal. Existing internet-connection assumed:

(Linux: use your favorite package-manager.
Windows: :DDDDD I guess it won’t work until you also get some bash-replacement.)

Check afterwards the current configuration. The list of delegates should show “freetype” or “fontconfig”. If both are missing, then rendering the filename onto the thumbnails won’t work!


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