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Written by  on June 14, 2015 

Okee, sorry for the continued spam about this small bash-project, but I am a little bit excited. It turned out much more powerful than expected. I learned a lot new and really useful stuff. I am also really confident now about the future of “bash & me” 😉

I improved the latest state with an idea a good friend pointed out: why don’t you add the original file name to each thumbnail? For a better overview? This is done also by imageMagick (convert); also append now the base-directory as footer-note. Because for my workflow the dir-name is the scan-date and the emulsion-type.
Some other improvements are: changed workflow (negative-conversion on each picture instead of the whole combined one; therefore no “filling of the last row” needed); script-parameters for help and version and for suppressing the negfix8-conversion; cleaner code.

I have also some more ideas in mind, but I think for now it is enough. It was fun, but I also want to discover some other areas of IT!

Download this: createContactSheet_0.4


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